Now let me just say first, this is my opinion based on the last 5 years of investigating various "studios" between Upland and Glendora. Most of that investigating was basic interviews of other schools on price, instruction time and belt testing.

We recently (we being my 2 sons and myself) started attending Weeks Martial Arts-Kung Fu San Soo (website  FB Page ) . I need to add my original intention was to just enroll my 7 and 10 year old sons (way too much IPad time). It looked like so much fun that I decided to enroll myself (yes I know this old man is doing it too). Now my biggest fear is my kids will get their belt promotions before I do.  Weeks was highly recommended by a personal friend, who happens to also be a Kung Fu Master (not currently teaching). He explained Master Dave Weeks is the best of the best, with over 45 years in the art, he teaches for the love of the art, not to get rich. 

The hardest part of attending Weeks Martial Arts is finding it.  The studio is semi hidden in a mixed use retail/ industrial complex on the south west corner of Arrow Hwy and Benson (*note its Arrow Hwy and not Arrow Rte) address is 8926 North Benson Ave. Suite H, Montclair, CA 91763. I'm under the impression its in this location and not some shopping mall because it makes attending more affordable.

So first impressions, this is clearly a family affair. Sylvia, Dave's wife is the official greeter and runs the office. Master Dave Weeks and his sons Peter and Dylan teach all the classes. My 10 year old sons first class he spent more one on one time with Master Dave then the previous 6+ weeks he spent at a different studio. Their patience and attention to teaching detail is amazing. The love they have for the art is definitely reflected in their teaching.  

Another huge factor for us joining is their belt testing philosophy. They don't charge you to test for your next belt. Belts are earned not bought. Other schools I checked out range $60 to $100+ to test for your next belt. While I wont say what we pay monthly for the 3 of us to attend. I will say, for what it would cost to have one of my children attend most of the schools I interviewed, all three of us attend Weeks Martial Arts. My 7 year old attends 2-3 classes a week, 10 year old attends 3 -4, I attend about 2 (this old body is still adjusting).  *No boards were harmed while attending our classes.

*in addition to Kung Fu, they also offer Grappling and Krav Maga

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